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FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Here is a fast screencast on creating slideshows using the Views and Views Slideshow modules.

Views Slideshow provides a new display style to any view called "slideshow". It uses jQuery to display screens of content on a rotating basis. Slideshows can be text, photo, video, or any sort of node, comment, or user. Users can even pause the slideshow just by hovering the mouse over the slideshow area.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal 6. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.


To hide the "submitted by user on date, time" line from the display, you can choose to display only field values in your view that you created for your slideshow. Granted, if you are new to Drupal then this is just jargon, but the skinny is do some research about displaying individual fields as results in your view rather than whole nodes. This way you have more control of what appears in your views and slideshows.

Great screencast, makes it look simple and easy.

This is REALY helpfull!!! First, I've got some ideas to implement in the site I'm developing now. Secondly, for some reason and althought I'm programming for years, I didn't understand that "views" in drupal is simply the views that I know from databases, and you helped me to understand it AND to understand how to manage views in drupal. So thank you for all the help!

Enjoyed the screencast. Can't wait to play with this module.

I found a drupal made website

While reading it's html code, it also use views-slideshow
but how come to do the thumbnail hovering effect to show a large size image aside.

Guys any ideas ?

In Slideshow settings set Slideshow mode to Thumbnail hover and Hover breakout to Full. If you want to have thums first then uncheck Display teasers last.

To display thumbnails from imagecache you have to set thumbnail preset for Format in Fields > Content: Image (name in my case for imagefield), not the one for fullsize.

Then you have to style it with css, like put thumbs into inline mode..., you can download css from the reffered website to get the idea.

Just realized it, use floats instead of inline in the css.

Thanks Sean...
This is really great!!!
I have been looking for similar implemetation
I would let you know when I put this is my website.

So helpful! Thank you!

It's a very helpful and informative video tutorial for beginners just like us in Drupal. Hope to see more from you and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

you rock ^_^


Really enjoying your video tutorials - the best I have come across on the web. Please keep em coming - they are very helpful.

Regards Ian - UK (newbie)

Hi Sean,

I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your screencasts.

Months ago I started watching them and help me tremendously understand views. Now we're incorporating views slideshow in our soon-to-be-launch Marketing site en Español.

Your hard work and efforts are highly appreciated.



Very nice,
The views module was puzzling me for quite a while but now I think I'm getting to understand it piece by piece

Thank you

Really enjoyed your screencast! Very informative!


hello again!!! I just did your exact same example and I put it in the header area as a block and voilá!!! it doesn't work!!!! it shows all the nodes!!!!!!

Excellent job. This should be an example for many IT-trainers and generally many teachers. Simple, motivating, structured and the most important part NOT boring. Thank you very much

Hello! thank's for that great video tutorial I found it very helpful!!! I just have one question for you! After I've made my slideshow if I put it on my header it shows all of my nodes at the same time and after that they start to fade one by one until there's only one node but I don't want this to happen!!!! I want my single node changing from the start!!! do you have any idea what this problem might be? I have posted my question but no one seems to care...

Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thanks, Sean, for this informative screen cast! Can't wait to see more...

Adulmec LLC

pete townshend has an H in it.

Very nice video.
You're a good speaker: you speak clearly and you don't make unneeded pauses.

yeah it is very nice sound

Hi Sean,

This is fantastic! Thank you.

I have one small problem.
I have a content type that has text fields as well as an image field. I wan't to run a slideshow of the images (with a link to the node for that content type).
I have been able to create a view as a block with the fields as the image field and the filters for the node type. When the slideshow mode in the settings is set to 'single frame' I see the images, one at a time which is cool but I want to see maybe 3 or 4 images at a time and the rest to be rotated. To achieve this I set the mode to 'thumbnail hover' and then instead of the images only I also see the text, moreover I want to see this horizontally but I see all this vertically.
Any ideas what needs to be done?

Many Thanks

I feel this is nice tutorial and now we have good tutorial which help in fast development.

Very nicely done!

Very nice. Much better than the showcase module I had used previously. I came across this screencast while looking for image gallery and image slideshow options in Drupal. Looks like my time will be better spent learning the capabilities here rather than searching for more modules.

Quick question: How did you create the screencast?

Snapz Pro, for the Mac, it's a great tool for us educators!

I had some nice experiences with this tool as well:


It's a bit pricey but has some cool options.

Adulmec LLC

Thanks for the beautifull presentation for a slideshow module
It is really good for quotation and photoalbums that i'm waiting for along time.

Thanks dude, you rock !!

Pretty cool feature! I really like it. It will do wonderful things, I am sure.

Thanks for the training.

Wow, thank you so much for this screencast! Totally helped me save some screen real estate!

Fantastic cast here Shawn.

I am a Joomla convert and you tutorial worked just great.
Thank you

good work

Well done

I didn´t try yet but it looks reaaaallllllyyyy good.
Thanks for your work and your screencast, it looks simple but powerfull !!!

Great screencast.

How does one add slideshow controls? Any module that helps to do that?

great demo & finally I getting a feeling for 'views'. thank u. controls would be great. any hint?

same for me. it is great site .

Thank you! This is just what I was looking for! I am a Drupal newbie, but learning fast.

Great site and great tutorials but I have one very important question, how make slideshow with blocks?

Would this module make it possible to create a slideshow from a 'book' (paginated node)?

If you can use the Views module to make a view of book pages (which you can) then you can display that view as a slideshow.

Simply superb.....
you've made my day....

Thanks ... great demo

Myself being very new to Drupal and to site building in general, your ability to teach and instruct is superb. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

i really liked the quotes slideshow. bravo!

Absolutely great work ... arguably the best demo video for Drupal that I've seen ...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making life easier for the rest of us.
This was an excellent screencast and your presentation was flawlessly clear.
I will be looking forward to any more content you put out.

Great screencast. I have used this with Drupal 6 to set up an image slideshow, with comments about each picture. Unfortunately I have to hide the "Image:" and "Body:" label with CSS, as I have not found the proper way to disable the display of field labels. Please continue to create more screencasts about views! Fantastic module, fantastic tutorials. Your site has really helped me climb up the learning curve.

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