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Views + Views Slideshow Screencast

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Here is a fast screencast on creating slideshows using the Views and Views Slideshow modules.

Views Slideshow provides a new display style to any view called "slideshow". It uses jQuery to display screens of content on a rotating basis. Slideshows can be text, photo, video, or any sort of node, comment, or user. Users can even pause the slideshow just by hovering the mouse over the slideshow area.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal 6. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.


Thanks, great tutorial! Very helpful!

Fantastic screencast. Thanks!

Was that Steve Nemsick in one of your photos?

I had a look at this wonderful module which I will certainly use for other things...
However, providing a view, I really don't see how this module could create a slide show in a node with images coming from that node only. I am creating a portfolio site for a client and don't want to mix up the projects.

I was thinking about trying to figure out if I could somehow use taxonomy with the views slideshow but haven't completely wrapped my head around how to do that or even if that is possible.

Can you think of a way?

I'm not sure exactly where I'd use the slideshow module, but defiantly know how to use it whenever I decide to have it running :) thanks

Thanks you very much for the screencast. It was well done , the right balance of demonstration, and explaination.

Perfect as my first screencast from you.

Keep up the good work!! Drupal Therapy is the best tutorial site for Drupal. Thanks a lot:) We will make donations to you as soon as our business makes money.

sean, thaks for the screencast.

Thanks! Droppin a line. I will be using this on my first drupal site

I really enjoyed this piece. I'm going to come back and look at the rest of your screencasts. I appreciated several things that I don't often see - firstly, you didn't move your mouse around randomly while you were talking. I really appreciate that. Secondly you took the time to explain what you needed to - giving background that made it much clearer than what I usually see.


Sean, excellent job. I've been wondering how to do this in drupal since first seeing this technique on some of my favorite wordpress sites i.e revolution themes, I even installed WP on one site just because of it. Will have to give it a go with future drupal installs from here on out. Anyway to throw up a semitransparent teaser block on top of it? (see Revolution's corporate theme) keep up the good work. I've been watching your stuff for almost a year and have just started getting over the big hump in the learning curve :)

Good stuff my man... good stuff. You take your time and break it down for the noobs to understand. Thanks!!!

great screencast. very clear and well detailed tutorial on using views with views slideshow. thanks!

Thanks again mate, this has saved me lots of time. I was trying to configure Jcarousel for a slideshow of Node Image Fields, but this is a much more elegant solution I think.

Very well done. I appreciate your being a part of this very helpful site.

Your tutorial is very helpful
Thx a lot!!!

Great tutorial.

How do I display 2 quotes instead of one for the slideshow?

Super, well done. Very useful module too.


thanks for that video, gave me good information!

Greetings from Germany


I'm from Brazil and I like very much all of your screencasts.

It's help me a lot and I only can say one thing: THANK YOU!


Your tutorial is invaluable -- I learned so, so much. Thanks for taking the time to put it up.


Hey man I just wanted to let you know that your videos are great. Keep up the good work :)

hi fellow,
plz answer me....

Contains top 1 rows that has two column Magazine_Image & Magazine Description. How can i make a link of the Magazine Description and send node_id to another view View2.

View2 will recieve the node_id from View1 and display the detail of the Magazine.

How to send nid from view1 to view2 as a defulat value, cause View1 will be place at home page.



Great! Thanks!!!


Mr Effel,
Thanks for a great tutorial. You've kick-started my experience with Views mod.
Much obliged.


Great tutorial, got it up and running. I tried creating a video gallery using the Views module, but it seems as though the Jquery module won't do it's magic. Have you had any luck creating a video gallery with the Views module?

Here's what I did:
1- create new view called video_gallery
2- make it a page
2- filter on content type, video
3- select the field called filefield
4- give it a url (
5- save

When going to the video gallery page it simply shows the video file icon, like Jquery never existed.

Any help would be appreciated.


In your View, inside the Fields box, what does it say next to the name of your filefield? If it's "Generic files", then there's your problem. Click the name, and then change the Format to whatever works for displaying videos.


If I were making a video gallery then I would make a content type with two extra fields, one for a media file (to be played back with jquery_media like in my screencast) and another for storing an image thumbnail (like with imagefield and imagecache, like another screencast I have). To make the gallery I would make a view of these nodes and display the thumbnail field on the view. To play the video, I would simply load the node by itself.

Hope this gives you a starting point.


I am trying to setting my views slide show but i have 1 problem the quotes module its not appear in the Views, Kindly assist me out of this problem.


Thanks for tutorial.


Thanks for your work.

I am displaying my products(pictures) from ubercart for slideshow in my home page. It is showing the slideshow and works good when I login as admin but once if logout I can only see the block name not the slideshow. I am not sure how to make this work for all users. Please help me. Thank you.

Maybe you haven't assigned permissions for anonymous users to see your new nodes? Are your nodes published? Do anonymous users have permissions to access a slideshow altogether? Maybe you have set a restricted access through the view itself so that only admins can see it?

Just a couple of places to look.

Thanks Sean, Since the access is unrestricted I thought I don't have to select users in admin/permission. It works now.

Waiting to see more videos.
Thanks again.


dude. you're the man!
My appreciation to you and your video demonstrations!

Excellent.......but how do you change the row style from fields to node?

This is a change you make per view, you can probably find lots of docs about the Views module on the project page:

It's amazing how much sense this makes when you're actually looking to solve a problem. Thanks so much! I'll post again when I have it up and running on my site.

Great job,and yet another reason the wait to switch to Drupal6 is over for me.

Thanks! :)

Nice Screencast bro. You helped me big time at work as I was a lil'bit stuck with the views module and some images displaying things.


Mr.Burns: Excelent....

Thanks for the demo and explanation of Views + Views Slideshow. Not only did it show me about the slideshow but also helps me begin to understand Views.


Thank You Sean,

It was an other great work!
Thank you. I just start to feel better and better after your therapies. Please continue.

from Hungary

Thanks for the screen cast - I learnt a whole lot. It was a bit difficult to follow the first because I'm a bit new to Drupal and you did a few things behind the seen i.e. create content type and content etc. I did eventually figure it out. My question for you is how do I stop the "posted by" bits from displaying in the block? It fine for the actual quotes page but I would not like it to show in the block (sideshow). Thanks again.

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