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FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Here is a fast screencast on creating slideshows using the Views and Views Slideshow modules.

Views Slideshow provides a new display style to any view called "slideshow". It uses jQuery to display screens of content on a rotating basis. Slideshows can be text, photo, video, or any sort of node, comment, or user. Users can even pause the slideshow just by hovering the mouse over the slideshow area.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal 6. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.


nice screencast... would it possible/ how to do i incorporate this slideshow with pager(prev 1 2 3 4... next) and caption to each of the image? i've been searching for this kind slideshow but no luck... hope you mind sharing some idea here :)

If you are looking for a method of navigation between images in a gallery then you don't even need the Views Slideshow module. You can get a display that includes the image, caption, pager, "next" and "previous" buttons with the Views module alone. The Views Slideshow module is only a method of automating the transition from one node to the next.

basically i wanted a slideshow(with auto play) just like this one of your example. i only wanted to integrate some caption to each image with a pager(prev 1 2 3 4... next) that points to each relative images. so by what your saying, the Views module alone can make this possible? sorry... i'm still a newbie... i'm not much familiar with drupal but slowly i'm learning... :)

thanks for the response...

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Great screencast! I was listening to it as I set up my own views slideshow. Thanks for doing these...

hay man, thanks a lot you are rock.

Very helpful and nicely presented. Thank you!




thanx a lot for these terrific screencasts.

Best regards from rainy germany


Superb Tutorial! Well thought out, clear and to the point. It opened a few more doors in my exploration of Views and gives me a few ideas for some sites that I will be working on.

I also wanted to commend you for your excellent production values! the presentation of the materials were really great!

I appreciate your videos. You are an excellent teacher. Thanks. Jeff L.

Thank you very much for that nice tutorial!

It was very helpful and friendly!

Have a great day!

Very nicely done, and quite informative. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

--  GreyHawk
    Profile,Drupal Design Camp, Boston
    June 13-14, 2009

Thank you very much for your tutorials on Drupal.
I am from Spain and I enjoy your explanations.

go ahead!

Thanks for the tutorials and help! You took my hours of frustration and made life much easier. Thanks - K

Hi Sean,

I think the reason that I can not view the screencast is due to the firewall inside the mainland China. I used firebug and saw that the source of this screencast is from But I just could not get to

Is there any way I can get to watch this screencast? My email address is lipu.paul at


why can not I view this screen cast? Do I need to download something special?

Really awesome tutorial! I'm totally new to Drupal, and this was one of the most user-friendly tutorials I've seen yet! Make more :)

Sean, you rock! This was one well done tutorial - nice pace, great content. Thanks for taking the time and sharing the info.

Terry W.

Thanks for the tutelage bradah!

Sean, Ahsante sana!!

Thank you for this. It's very helpful for me.

awesome man! thanks a lot. These tutorials are so helpful!!
drupal user: functions

Great tut. Thanks!

Helpful, thanks!

Very very helpfull


Great video. Very clear and helpful.

great, thanks for the tut. Very helpful :D


thanks for this video - very helpful!!

Well done, Drupal newbie and the first thing I've seen that made sense to this long-time dot net developer.

Thanks for your time and efforts!

Thanks Sean, I enjoyed the show! Off to spend the rest of my evening with Views.


Thanks for the presentation! Really neat and useful introduction to this module.

All the best,



Great tutorial

Great video tutorial! Thanks!

Thanks Sean!

These are very educational and inspiring videos.

Question: By making a slideshow-block view of an imagefield, is it also possible to make the image clickable so the user jumps to the node with that image?

Greetings from The Netherlands,

Already found the answer to my question: Under field configuration there is a checkbox "Output this field as a link", that does exactly what I was looking for...

You are awesome. That was what I've looking for. Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the good work.


Dude, this is very cool !! Thanks and keep on, Golchi

Great post. It gave me idea like, it would be nice idea to have jquery carousel effect also like this.


Great job ,and yet another reason the wait to switch to Drupal6 is over for me.

wow that is impressive. Thanks man.
All the Drupal devs .. Thank you!

That was great. I installed Drupal about a week ago, and so far I'm pretty blown away. Not just by the capabilities, but by the community as well. Exciting stuff. Thank you

Thank you so much for your clear and concise help. This is the second time that you have moved me along in my attempt to become Drupal savvy.

Great work!


Good tutorial. Well done.

Excellent! Thank you very much!

I'm looking at the demo page that is provided on the module page on drupal Do you know how to provide thumbnails like is displayed there? I want to build an image gallery and having thumbnails and navigation would rock. :)

I second that recommendation. If a sliding jCarousel of thumbnail images could be time synced with a main Image in Views Slideshow you could have a very robust, non-flash Image Gallery.

I am going to test now to see if you can having two seperate views slideshows on the same page causes any conflicts.

I slaved over getting dynamic blocks to work all afternoon - this is totally what I was looking for. Thanks dude!

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