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Views + Views Slideshow Screencast

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Here is a fast screencast on creating slideshows using the Views and Views Slideshow modules.

Views Slideshow provides a new display style to any view called "slideshow". It uses jQuery to display screens of content on a rotating basis. Slideshows can be text, photo, video, or any sort of node, comment, or user. Users can even pause the slideshow just by hovering the mouse over the slideshow area.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal 6. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.


Dude, you ROCK! I have been trying to get a slider going for awhile now. There's some good modules out there, especially Dynamic Display Block... but man, they're SO difficult to config. I didn't even try this one because, honestly, Views is a major pain in the a!! to me.

But you made it so simple. I think views isn't really as difficult as most think, but the big problem is that there isn't good, simple, down-to-earth docs on it. If tutorials were made like yours, Post Traumatic Views Syndrome, as someone mentioned, would happen so often!

Thanks a million, Sean!!!

Great stuff man... I feel better after this session. I suffer from post traumatic views syndrome so thanks for the therapeutic healing

great screencast, thanks very much!!


Is there any way to create a reoccurring event? So I don't have to create a new event for something that happens every week at the same time.

The video was magic for me getting this calendar up and running. Please keep 'em coming! Thanks.

There is a module included with the Date bundle that allows you to set repeating dates in one operation. You will have to enable it from your modules list. There is good documentation on the Date project page on

First rate!


Very well done. Thank you much.

This made everything clear enough to hammer on ahead.

Turns out I am missing something somewhere.

No matter what I change the delay and transition speed to, it seems to take the same amount of time... which is a bit too fast for me. Is this indicative of some common mistake people make?

Try clearing your caches. Site Configuration > Performance > clear caches with the buttom at the bottom (D6).

Excellent! Thanks for putting this together!

Excellent tutorial! thanks for posting this.

Dood You Rock!

Now lets see if I am smart enough to implement it! I'm a newbie.

Hi Sean Thanks for this awesome tutorial.
I want similar kinds of slideshows but not of different nodes.
I want it on cck fields of a same node, is it possible?
I've a content type project and it has project_images field where we can have multiple images and another field is case study.
now i want slide show on images and case studies of a particular node.

Superb tutorial there. Every time I watch one of your videos I feel reassured that I made the correct decision by selecting Drupal.

I'm going to use this for my site (after I've finished the translation to Japanese that is).

Keep the quality tutorials coming! Extremely helpful and professional.



Excellent tutorial !
Thanks a lot.

Very good presentation. I whish you added some text (body) to eaither the left or right of the images.

thank you for opening the door to views ;

am still battling to understand how you create your views page that includes the quotes in views

Thank you very much Sean, it was very useful...

Wow Sean, another great tutorial! I'm not new to Drupal, but I am to Drupal 6 and Views2. Today I needed to get a calendar working which is how I found the first video of yours here. It was outstanding, clear, and professional! I had the calendar working in minutes. And for fun I thought I'd watch another one and chose this, Views Slideshow. Wow...not only have I now learned a very useful way to present info, but I have a much better grasp of using Views which I see as a key to building great Drupal sites.

Your command of Drupal and excellent videos have really helped me a LOT! Thank you, Sean!

is it possible to add multipul views into one slide show? it starts to get uglier the more slideshows you have on your site, if i could just get one that would randomly rotate say recent blog posts, forum topics, comments, etc... that would be awesome.. is this possible?

If you do not filter your view by content type then you can certainly get blogs, stories and pages into your slideshow. I would even recommend that you create a new taxonomy term called "slideshow" and create a view that filters out anything not tagged with that term - that way you can control on a node per node level of what items appear in your slideshow regardless of their content type.

How's that for flexibility?

Sean. Great tutorial. Really easy to follow thanks.

Thanks, Drupal noob here, can't tell you how much it helps just to watch someone work with the elements of the system.

we need mooooooooooore !
thanks a lot

Thanks! That was a great tutorial.

I'm using SlideShow to, in combination with ImageFlow. Mine problem is, ImageFlow allows just images to be slided, but this example did it together with a text!
See hier: (Featured Work presentation).

How can they do it? Imageflow slide with picture and text?
Have you idea?


Thanks for taking the time to do this screencast - it's really, really useful!
Martin, UK

Thanks for all the helpful info! Keep up the great work!

Super easy to understand. Nicely paced, too. Great bit of instruction! Keep it up!

Very cool! Thanks for the headsup on this feature :D

Thank you for this screencast. I fast-forwarded a bit, but especially your last comments about ImageCache working well with views slideshow are very useful to me. I will try it out soon.


Hi Sean

Thanks for the great screen cast, it has got me up and running with both views and views slideshow.

Following on from your comments at the end I have managed to use imagecache and taxonomy to create a view that has all the images tagged with a certain term resized and cropped to the same size and displayed in a page page view as a slideshow.

Now I am having trouble implementing this. What I would really like is to have a normal page, with a title and some text, and have my views slideshow displayed as an image on this page.

Any chance of some pointers on how to achieve this.



hi ,

Great tutorial, very easy to follow and listen to and understand ..which is NB for a new user like myself!!!!

Thanks :)

One thing worth mentioning for newbies (it took me a while to find it)... In a text block slideshow, the display of poster name and picture can be turned off in Administer -> Site Building -> Themes -> Configure -> Global settings. In the right-hand panel you can select which types show post name, date, etc.

Is there any way to put a slideshow (or even a view) into a block in a panel layout?

user block is showing one user at a time.. i want to show more than one at a time. how can i do it

yes indeed is the view block. Inchirieri Masini in Bucuresti printr-o retea de 30 de parteneri din Romania.

Super cool Sean. Thanks for the practical insight, very well taught.

Oh superb. As a new user (and ex-programmer) I'm loving the steep learning curve and discovering just how powerful Drupal is. This is the first screencast I've looked at, but it won't be the last. Many thanks from the sunny UK Sean!

awesome screencast. really liked it and very helpful to me!!!

Very useful, thank you!

Many many many thanks to you for this tutorial. Before stumbling upon this excellent tutorial I had wasted so many hours looking for something similar for my site and wow, now I have found more than what I actually was looking for!
Thanks again & best regards .....


Thanks! That was a great tutorial. Gave me just the information that I needed.

I comply with my predecessors that this is a very nice screencast indeed!

But.. yes, there must be a But ;).
I'm quite a padawan in ways of Drupal and theming.
Can you or anyone else direct me to some tutorials how to theme my slideshow view(what templates to edit and where /themes or modules folder/.)

I've spent last two days trying to figure out what to edit but with no success.

I'm thinking something like .

Thanks in advance. Cheers, Alex

Hi Sean,

Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Do you know if it's possible to superimpose a title on images in a views slideshow, as in this sort of effect:



I have some ideas:

1. Look into building a block with Views that displays both the image file and the node title. Then work a little custom theming on that block so that the image is officially a background image and the node title can layer on top. It's a trick, but could get you there.

2. Also a CSS trick, don't worry about overlaying the image with text, just stick the text in a neatly styled black strip that shares the upper edge with the image element.

3. Some modules are getting to the point where they can generate all new images, like this one: Check it out and see if it is advanced enough for you, it advertises that you can insert watermarks and other neat image formatting so maybe it will do this job.

This should help you set a course in some direction. Good luck.

Clear and Crisp screencast. Excellent work dude.

Thanks for sharing. That was very informative.

Great screencast on the views slideshow content. This just might replace something I was doing with another program and hard coding. Thanks!

Nice! Very helpful!

yes,its really nice!

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