Training and Development for Drupal

Drupal Project Management

This component covers the life span of your Drupal website development from conceptualizing the project to maintaining and upgrading the project after launch.

Site Requirements and Initial Development
Clients may have concieved the requirements for their website, now it is up to you the developer to make these requirements into a reality. This is a discussion of the best practices that will set your site development on the right course from the beginning. We'll discuss project management and development environments.

Finding and Hiring Drupal Talent
How do you find Drupal developers, especially good ones? Who within your business or organization already has some development skill? And how do you measure the depth and quality of either? We discuss some practice and technique for fishing for Drupal developers.

Custom Development
New demands are made on Drupal projects on a daily basis, and while Drupal makes site development more accessible for site operators, there are still times when you'll need to approach the Drupal development community with special needs. This is a discussion of how to work with open source developers and how to identify and reach them in the best possible way.

Upgrading your Drupal site
This is a discussion of best practices for deciding when it is time to upgrade, how to research for replacement contributed modules, backing up your site, updating database schema, and testing your new production site.

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