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Drupaltherapy Training session in Boston: April 29,2011.

We're breaking the seal on our next wave of Drupal 7 training in the Boston area for April 29, 2010. Now that Drupal 7 has a full fledged release, and Drupalcon has settled down, we anticipate folks in this area will need another opportunity for basic to novice level training. Drupal "therapy" sessions take a holistic approach to learning the software package, starting at the ground level and moving up through the length of the day. If you're a new Drupal site admin, or fledgling developer, or recent Drupal evangelist, or just a straight up hobbyist, then this training might be great for you. Also, if you're one of the self-taught types that learns by doing, this workshop might help close a number of gaps for you. Take a look at the training announcement.

A note to you seasoned developers in the Boston area. These trainings are a great opportunity for that client of yours form whom you have just completed a new Drupal-based website. Trainings offered by third party trainers are a great value to your clients, while not competing for their loyalty as customers. If you've got some clients that need Drupal site admin skills, direct them to our April opportunity.


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I'm interested in enrolling in the April 29th workshop. Is it still running?If so where do i sign up?

Eileen.mcmahon "at"



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