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Announcing "Booster Shots" for Drupal 7

Yes, we here at Drupaltherapy know you're so excited to roll up your sleeves and get dirty with Drupal 7. The only thing holding you back are a few nasty bugs. Well, before you start sticking your nose into features and code it's never been in before, you should take a couple of proactive steps to make sure your experience is a healthy and productive one.

Drupaltherapy announces Booster Shots for Drupal 7, a series of half day courses designed to keep beginner and intermediate Drupal users in the know on changes in Drupal 7. All Booster Shots take place in Boston, MA, on September 17, 2010, in two identical training sessions with your trusted Drupaltherapist, Sean Effel.

Consider this your immunization against shock, surprise and confusion when you see the new admin interface. You may likely avoid lightheadedness and fainting when you see D7's baked in field and file support, not to mention the native image handling solution. We can help you be prepared for the new season of Drupal development ahead of us rather than let this new environment get the better of you.

Please take a moment to see our offerings, Booster Shots or otherwise.



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