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Drupaltherapy workshops in San Francisco

Announcing our TWO San Francisco Drupal trainings on:

Sunday, Nov 15, 2009, 10AM-6PM
Monday, Nov 16, 2009, 10AM-6PM

These two intensive all-day workshops will arm new and novice level Drupal users with basics in:

  • Installating and configurating Drupal 6 core (D7 as needed and/or ready)
  • Drupal core systems and functions
  • Top contributed modules (Views and CCK, again D7 as needed and/or ready)
  • Theme basics

If you want a one stop kick-start to the Drupal project, this class will give you a dizzying overview of all the aspects and help set you on course to better understanding of Drupal. If you've enjoyed the Drupaltherapy screencasts, then this is your chance to spend a day with the same level of instruction in an awesome learning environment. We provide high quality Drupal instruction in a price bracket that non-profits and small businesses can afford.

These classes book full very quickly, so register early! Deadline to register is Nov 8, 2009.


Hi Sean! Thank you so much for the session in SF yesterday. It was incredibly helpful!

-- Zihong (SFO)

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