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GMap + Location Screencast

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Drupal can store and display geographic information through the use of the contributed modules called GMap and Location, part of the geocoding module stack known as Mapadelic. Together they form the foundation of building rich maps using Google's map service.

This screencast covers the basic setup required to produce your first Google mapped nodes and display all your nodes on one big map.

Prior experience with Drupal 6 core will help you follow along with this lesson, especially in the area of enabling and configuring modules and customizing content types.


Hello from N.C. These are perfect tutorials! I really like how you throw in ideas for applications along with instructions for using the tools. Great job! Just really great.


Hi Sean,
Typically great!

However, I am going to enumerate some issues, but I don't necessarily expect specific responses, but if you have nothing better to do... :-)

When I followed your prescription to the letter, it worked with one exception: mouse scroll zoom was not disabled notwithstanding the settings (perhaps a browser thing).

However, there are some pretty significant problems when you take your example to a real-world situation:
1. When you use the groovy 'click on the map' locator the pop-up info baloon is nearly useless. (I presume because it is so precise it could be a wad of gum on the sidewalk in front of the place you are trying to identify instead of the place itself.)
2. If I don't use the click-on-map feature, but instead allow name, street, city, state values the map doesn't show at all (and it doesn't show in the aggregated node map either). Instead a GoogleMaps link shows (accurate, but not good.)
3. When I search normal Google Maps for "Beaners Central, Duluth" (great coffee/music if you ever visit) it shows the map, with the info baloon showing the name, the street address, phone number, and url. However, when I enter all the same exact data into the location fields (not click-on-map locator) and I follow the GoogleMaps link, it only shows the street in the info baloon, no name, no phone, no url.

As my real-world deployment of this is a calendar (thanks to previous prescription) of gigs for a Singer Songwriter where the venue listed can be clicked on to go to a Venue node. I have a Venue content type and I would like to have "Beaners Central" as one of those Venues with the "full feature" Gmap baloon. Eventually, I would like to tie it in with Users and allow authenticated users to automatically get directions from their personal location to any of the venues where the client might be playing.

This could be very cool, and what you show is so tantalizingly close... as it is I just use the Google Map "link" embed feature and paste it right in the node body.

I understand (and really appreciate) how you make your presentations simple and uncluttered (I especailly appreciate that you always start with a clean install and a list of ingredients), but might you add a "further reading" list of links and/or books with strong chapters on this?

Again, thank you.

Thanks for the note. All of the details that you are trying to work out are just graceful tricks with CCK, Views, Gmap and Location. If you wanted further reading or practice, I would say you should master your understanding of each component alone and then learn how they interact with each other - and stay up to date on their dev changes over time.

Great Screen cast. I am using the location in combo with calendar for dates for muscian shows, the main display comes up in a Calendar and with the location map block enabled in Content cant seem to get the map to show up in the main node pulled off the calendar, any suggestions are helpful

great help, solid presentation, like it, thanks

Great presentation, very straight forward. Congrats!

Great Tutorial!!

All of your tutorials are well presented. Efficient and insightful. I have learned something from each of them.

Are there any other resources you could point me to. I have been trying to add a directions tab to a popup but I can't find any specific instructions or code for the current version of GMAP.

Great screencast, Thanks from Poznań in Poland

Very nice screencast. It helps a lot for better understanding that module,
thank you from Germany

Your podcasts really rock! Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot!

Sean, could you hep with multisite installation. This is one subject that has been kicking my drass for a while!

Hi there,

i am having a problem with it, after i setup everything, it seems the "dot" on a map is shown in the content type but when i tried to see it from "Node locations" (map/node) and nothing on that map... so have i missed?

thanks in advance.

Thanks for the time and effort in producing these great Drupal video tutorials!

It is very hard to find good information on some of the more advanced modules of Drupal, but you have succeeded in filling this niche. Once again thanks very much Sean from Australia,


You rock! I was a new Drupal user a couple months back but after watching ALL your tutorials, I figured so many things out. Keep them coming!

Thank you very much for the screencast! Can you show the cool rating stuff you mentioned,too!? Thank you!!

Thanks for the tute Sean,

It's really helpful.

Could you also demo how to use radius / proximity search?


Hi Sean,
your screencasts are always really helpful and very well presented.
I enjoy them and they really do help. My quiteu selfish wish would be that you do some more of the advanced stuff. Mostly you explain how to use a module and show a usecase but the advanced stuff is left out. That is especially "sad" because you really have got the skills to make fairly complicated understandable.

I hear you. But if I covered any more advanced material on one of these use cases then the screencast is likely to apply to a smaller audience. I can't get too specific and still hope to be effective and concise.

Excellent video. Thank you very much.

Greetings from rainy Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nice one.
V. handy, n some nice ways to implement.
How do you edit the information that appears in the pin info window?

Thanks Parsley

Thanks a lot for this great video. I hade a lot of problems getting my KEY to work but found a solution here if anyone should get the same problem.

Woult love to see some more videos about what map can do, please. I have made a lot of google maps api sites but not inside Drupal yet.


"Quick question though, where do we set or control the info that will appear in the pin's info window?"

When editing a view, add items under "fields".

Excellent video! Towards the end you mentioned being able to link multiple locations together to form a route, similar to a travel path. Can you elaborate on how to do this? ie. A holiday vacation with different spots in a particular order.

using lines to or polygons on the map such as you can do on to follow routes along the roads or draw enclosures around certain areas on the map

Great video, it helped me a great deal in researching a solution for our requirements. Thank you.

Great screencast. Thanks from Dubai.


Great screen cast! Would love to see a followup on this post demoing more avanced use of geotagging in Drupal. Q: Is there any support for Views and if so what enable this you to do?


Excellent post Sean, I was trying to use the location widget in the content type to complete this & your video showed me the error of my ways.

Quick question though, where do we set or control the info that will appear in the pin's info window?

Thanks in advance

Ooh, I like this! More greetings from Sweden!


Wonderful screencast! Thanks and greetings from Sweden!


Another great screen cast. Thanks!

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