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GMap + Location Screencast

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Drupal can store and display geographic information through the use of the contributed modules called GMap and Location, part of the geocoding module stack known as Mapadelic. Together they form the foundation of building rich maps using Google's map service.

This screencast covers the basic setup required to produce your first Google mapped nodes and display all your nodes on one big map.

Prior experience with Drupal 6 core will help you follow along with this lesson, especially in the area of enabling and configuring modules and customizing content types.


Go to whatever content type you chose, and under Locative Information, click on the display settings. Could anyone help me out I followed Sean but my markers won't show up on the map? :( Please help.

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you for this!

Very useful screencast. The help files are lacking for setting up what is very basic functionality. I figured out my problem quickly following your video. thanks

Excellent screencast Sean!

Did you notice that for your first story (Mass General Hospital) that the map controls are not visible (approximately time 11:19 in video)? Do you know why this is?

This also happened to me and I can NOT get the controls on any of the individual nodes. Some investigating shows that the nodes have div class=auto1map" but the node location block has class="nodemap"???

Fantastic tutorial. Why is it that people who write modules for Drupal are in general completely unable / unwilling to provide adequate instructions. If it wasn't for people like Sean we'd all be spending far too long trying to figure out out the basics. Thanks Sean.

great tutorial! am just wonderin if theres a way i can download your tutorials? it would be nice as an "offline" reference whenever i need to go back at it.

thanks! and more power!

I've followed this walk-through three times and still can't get any markers to show up on any map. I see the marker when editing a node, but when displaying a node, I see the map with no controls and no markers. It's like all of the map javascript is being completely ignored when viewing a node. Using the latest release of Drupal and gmap (not the dev stuff). Any ideas?

I'm having the same problem. Did you get it fixed?

All your screencasts are fab and to the point. Look forward to more in the future. Cheers

Sean, you are awesome. No other real feedback. Oh, and... thank you!

very nice.

thank you
drupal rocks

Thanks for this great tutorial! But my problem is that I can't feel up the balloon. A tried to fill every fields on my form, but nothing happened. Don't you know what the problem can be?

I mean I can't *fill* up the ballon... :) sorry


That's what i'm looking for! Easy and simple to understand. A fantastic cast. Fanx!

Greets from Germany,

I thought that I followed your steps exactly but I must have missed something. The "Node locations" (mywebsite/map/node) screen appears as it should with several location pins and proper control of the map. But an individual location (for example: mywebsite/node/26) does not have the map controls on the map and the mouse zoom is enabled. Any idea what the problem could be? How can I use the "Node locations" map on one of my pages?

BTW, I think your screencats are excellent so I guess I'm just too much of a beginner and maybe I should learn a little more before I try this stuff.

hi, i am having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

No I didn't. I'm ignoring it for now and hoping to fix it later and maybe someone will tell me what I did wrong. I'll post the solution if I find one.

Hi. I had this, and eventually found it in the block "Location map".

Edit the macro for whichever content type is missing the control, adding the parameter "control=Small".

I dont usually post feedback on sites which I dont frequently visit, but I had to thank you somehow. Great job.


I loved you tutorial! I need some help. I can't find a "content" block I do have "content top" and "content bottom". The map doesn't expand to the maximum height specified when placed in these blocks. How do I configure the "content" block to appear?


You have to add content to your regions in your .info page. Also if you want the map to expand, click on configure for the "Location map" block in the map macro setting, change your height setting to what you want.


great vid. But my question is different. How did you make this post new comment box appear at the bottom? Mine has a "Add new comment" button before I can access it.


well done!

Thank you very much!

Dude, this video was awesome!! Very good job!

Great tutorial!
How can I make the node's markers clickable as the map/node (Node locations page) ?


Hi Sean very usefull, screencast. Can you to another, where you show how to build marked areas on an inbound Gmap? Another good idea would be if it's possible to provide own defined Gmaps in Drupal.

Regards Roger

PS: I allways enjoy your Screencasts very much.

very good tutorial man! How can I show just a group of places in the map? Let's say, I want to filter the marks to see the 2 best hospitals in cardiology? How can I do that? I would be very thankful for any feedback.

exellent, can't thank you enough. i used to try gmap and location like half a year ago and put it to the side cause i just did not get it running. this now opens me new dimensions for making some of my pages nicer.
would look forwar to another more in depth podcast about gmaps (i.e showing only markers for a certain view, etc)
maps somehow is stilla very dark part of drupal for no reasons, yu just need to know a few things and it's easy as pie.

Excellent - I spent over 60 minutes making sense of how to use Location and GMap together. I did not get very far. Excellent screencast. Very clear and concise. Thanks very much. Thanks from Ireland.

Brilliant thanks!!! Informative, well structured & presented, excellent, concise and accurate. Thank you.

Question: How did you get a Google API key to work on your local dev machine? Your url is localhost, how did you do this?

Thx again!

For a local machine, you copy the path you would type into your browser to take you to the home page. For instance, http://localhost/mywebsite. Submit this to google and your API key will work.
Kind regards
Rob (UK)

best tutorials I have seen on drupal yet. Keep them comming. thanks

Good Job! This screen cast really help me out. Thanks!

Hi Sean. Thanks for taking the time to make another great tutorial. I've watched a few and you really are breaking down the barriers to entry for Drupal. I love the way you name the modules you use and how your presentation keeps it short and sweet.
Big thanks, Rob H from the UK.

Thaks a lot for this screen-cast. It has saved me a lot of days of "try & fail" procedure.

A simple intro for us simple folk!

I especially like the fact you start with no additional/unnecessary modules. Always straight from install + the modules required for the tutorial!

it was so good,i tried another explanetion before yoru video,it also does not work and couldn't understand it.
Your video is so simple and also it works wonderful:)
Thanks a lot sean for the video,it helps me so much,thanks again very much...

Amazing. I had already installed the module and was having a few issues. This demo solved it for it.


I've watched most of these and have learned a lot from you. Your tutorials are clear, direct and well-paced. Thanks!

This is really a useful one beautifully executed, but one thing need to be covered about way points or directions for e.g if there are 2 or more locations how it goes from one to another.


great tutorial(s). really professional. thanks! would love to see a tutorial on customizing the gmap info window.

Thank you so much. I spent the last 3 days looking for EXACTLY this. You are a great teacher!

thank you, this screencast solved my problem.

This is absolutely fantastic screencast. So much opportunities from seeing this. Thank you very much!

It works!
Fantastic tutorial!!
Thank you so so much!!!

totally awesome screen cast. I have created this on my site using taxonomy and proximity. how can I add a map next to the proximity results. so if I type a zip code I get the list of libraries within 5 miles but would also like to see a block next to the list with only the markers of the search results.


Loved the tutorial, thank you!

I don't know if you script this, but man, it is slick. So many screencast feel thrown together. Not you mate, it's like watching the TV. Nice work all round!

Very well presented. I was able to add this functionality quite easily to map user location after viewing this tutorial.

I look forward to viewing your other screencasts.

Thank you!

Your videos are really helpful. Keep doing them!!

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