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GMap + Location Screencast

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Drupal can store and display geographic information through the use of the contributed modules called GMap and Location, part of the geocoding module stack known as Mapadelic. Together they form the foundation of building rich maps using Google's map service.

This screencast covers the basic setup required to produce your first Google mapped nodes and display all your nodes on one big map.

Prior experience with Drupal 6 core will help you follow along with this lesson, especially in the area of enabling and configuring modules and customizing content types.


Hello Sean, after editing the locative information in my story content type,
i go to "create content" and find "location" with fields i.e. country...etc but no Gmap map.
Any idea ? Thanks in advance.

Dear Sean,
do you have a idea, what is the reason that I cannot see the "see map" link?
Thanx in advance and best regards

Great tutorial Sean, thanks a lot.

Hi Thank You very much this helped me a lot :)

You deliver perfect work! Thanks

Good! thank you

Thankx very much!! Very nice - to the point, step by step - saved me a lot of time. Would like to see some thing on the user location since mine doesn't seem to work for users.

Thanks Sean. This was a great start.

Does any know how to create a different map center on different pages? Sean centered the map in Boston in the GMAP Location module. I need to pin project locations across the globe. Then I need to have pages for each country which will include a map of the country with all the projects pinned for the country. Is there a way to have a different map center on each country page, all pulling from the same project content type? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Your THE maaaan! Thanks a lot for this awesome video tutorial!

Cheers from Denmark!

excellent tutorial! clear, concise - love it!


Excellent tutorial. It really helped a lot! I have been searching and searching for help on a related need. I have created a GMap for our Drupal website. It correctly posts pins on the map for each user based on the zip code they supply when they register. This is great, but I would really like the map to post a pin for the zip code with a NUMBER that represents the total number of users from that zip code, rather than a bunch of pins stacked on top of each other.

For example . . . If we have 26 users from Area Code 37901, I would like one pin on the map in that location. When you roll over it, I would like the display to read something like "37901 (26)", rather than having 26 pins each reading "37901". Surely, there is a way to do this. I just cannot figure it out. Thanks.


This was a very good tutorial! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks mate ;)

Great tutorial.

Thank´s Man, helped a lot!!

Filipe (Brasil)

thank you very much Sean...!!

Yay! Thank you Sean, this was fantastic. Everything I needed to know.

Hi Sean,

Early hours of the morning here in Hong Kong and your tutorial was excellent!

Well presented, precise and just at the perfect pace!

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Best regards,


Hi Sean ,

I don't know how to thank you !!!!!!!! You helped me , i was stuck in the part of activating the map location block for 2 weeks :-))) I searched the whole net and found your tutorial the best !

Greetings from Jordan.

Best wishes,

Thanks man, this was perfect in showing me what I did wrong the first time around and showing me some great other features I wouldn't have used!



Well done! It helped me a lot!
Greetings from Poland!

Thanks, Sean. Very well presented.
-Scott Morgan

Another great video, set me on the right road, thanks. I appreciate there are differences in the latest modules and Drupal core making some of the detail about adding the map to be visible on the node/story different.

Since there are new versions of gmap and location and the new drupal core.
i am having trouble to add location node...

is there a way to update the video?

Great toturials by the way, Excellent

Hi Sean,

A great tutorial, thankyou. It's really got me going on this aspect of using to generate useful maps.

Fantastic :)

Thanks a lot. Very helpful and useful tutorial. Appreciate once again.

Thanks so much Sean !!
great tutorial = )

Thanks for the video!

Thank you very much. It's works perfect.

Thanks Sean. You showed me what these modules do, which is extraordinarily difficult to get from the Drupal website all too often, and how to get it done.

This is great!! thanks so much. The way to explain it is so useful because you assume that people don't know enything, tha's why it's so easy to follow!
Thanks so much. Lior

Sean. Can I download your screencast for future reference?

Really appreciate it, thanks a lot! I was going the wrong way with Location CCK originally...

Thank you so much!

you are awesome. Just save my life.
thanks for your sharing information.

Very helpful! Thanks.

thx for this nice location/gmap introduction ... until now i messed the locative information up with the additional gmap addon module and the cck location field ... this doesn't behave like i expected. it might be the best for me to choose the same setup as you have chosen in the video tutorial ...

thanks, mike

hi sean,

thx for your nice tutorial. I got everything working fine. On the user page we find the residence of each user. On an overview you can find all users on the page. But here is what makes the problem. It takes ages to load. On my site there are about 250 users and it takes around 2 min to load, and there should come more users in the future, so that the script, I supose will be timed out and the page can not be loadet any more.

Would you have a suloution for this

Thx george

Thanks so much for this video. I followed it and it worked great! I probably never would have figured this out without this...
However, do you know if there's a way so that users have the option to either enter the address to get a marker or to click and drag to set the marker?
currently on my site ( the only way to set a marker is by clicking around...
Thanks so much if anyone could help me with this!

Superb! Thanks very much. Keep up the great work.

Nice and clear tutorial. Easy to understand...

Thank you.


Hi Sean,

Thanks for the great screencasts, they have helped me tremendously.

Your screencasts are the best! They are always quick and informative and have saved me many hours of frustration. Keep up the great work.

Hi Sean,
I followed this screenshot and found it's so so useful. But there is one problem that you said you will show it later on but never happen even until the end of this tutorial. (I guess you forgot.)
The problem is how to edit the information in the info window because there is no reason that check the "open info window" but nothing happen...
I tried to fix it by myself but I'm not sure about do I need to make the features just like google code suggested ( or the gmap module has already provided this kind of function?

I found there are some other guys have this problem and don't know how to deal this.
Please show me how to search for further information. If I could figure this out, I will come back and share.

Thank you for this video therapy.

Thanks for this - helped me sort out out to centre the node map which I just couldn't figure. A donate box would be useful for me to show my appreciation :)

Thank you! I watched your Date+Calendar screencast and then I HAD to watch the other ones! It's amazing how things get easier if there's someone that shows you how to do it ;)! I'm waiting for the next prescription (may I suggest a Panel/Mini-panel pill?).
Thanks again.
Ciao from Italy.



brill, im just looking at the search options for the modules and wondering how to configure them better for search results within events, maybe this could be something to look at?



i guess i'm just another lemming. this was really nice to see done. i've watched you a few times now and i think the best part opf your screencasts are the last two minutes where you wrap things up but give future implications of what the modules can do...makes things really exciting


Thanks for this video, from italy.
But: how can hide the "Location data" ? I want to see only the map.


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