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Drupal can store and display geographic information through the use of the contributed modules called GMap and Location, part of the geocoding module stack known as Mapadelic. Together they form the foundation of building rich maps using Google's map service.

This screencast covers the basic setup required to produce your first Google mapped nodes and display all your nodes on one big map.

Prior experience with Drupal 6 core will help you follow along with this lesson, especially in the area of enabling and configuring modules and customizing content types.


i have a node type that is referenced by another node. i have created a node content view (views attach module) that displays field from the referencing node in table on the referenced node's full page view. i would like to have a google map on he referenced node page that displays the locations of the referencing nodes. how?

works great, even in Drupal 7...

Thanks a million! These modules didn't have very robust documentation and your overview helped get things jump-started quite nicely.

thanks it helped :)

Any chance of providing a download link for this video? I live in China where most "foreign" sites containing user posted videos are blocked (including, youtube, etc). Based on the comments here, it sounds like a great video.

Thanks Sean. I have watched 2 casts now. This is super helpful in figuring out if I want to go with Drupal as the platform with which to develop our companies website. From what you have shown, I can see that Drupal will do what we need, and appears to be our best choice.

great thanks!!!

Very nice screencast :)

VERY helpful, good karma to you dude!!

PS - a little slow via can you put on one Youtube or Vimeo?

Thank you! This is awesome

Good job man!

Great tutorial!
Thanks a lot.

Terrific tutorial. I was struggling putting all this together.


Hi Sean, Thanks for Your good work and input. Your Gmap-Therapy is cool but is not the medicine I need today.

But I am trying to put one map or transparent gif over another over a GMAP.

And I wonder if You have some comment or inpt for that purpose.

Anyhow, Thanks again for Your great videos.

Best regards

Roland Becker

Thank You Very much
your tutorial is very helpful to me
thanks a lot

vaibhavi (India)

Hi Sean,

I was trying to add locations to users rather than nodes, and was struggling until I found your tutorial. I was able to quickly figure it out afterwards.



To display map by address only (without having to specify latitude and longitude) , you may need to change settings AND delete and re-enter your address. This confused me for a while, and it looks like a couple of people here had the same problem.

Description: When I followed this tutorial, a google map displayed on the page of the node that has a location. When I added an address without inputing latitude and longitude, no map appeared - just the address with a link to a map. To make it appear, I did the following:

  1. In location admin, go to the "Geocoding Options" section (/admin/settings/location/geocoding)
  2. Turn on mapping for the countries of interest.
  3. Delete and re-enter any addresses you'd like mapped. If you don't do this, the map won't appear. Apparently, coordinates are generated when address is saved?

OMG You are a life saver! Thank you for adding that info about mapping with just the address fields! Fantastic!

Thanks for getting me started :)
The video was easy to follow and great way too start running with maps :D

Greetings from the Netherlands,


Thanks man its helped a lot!!!!!!!

Hi Sean,

Very useful info.
When I try it out I don't Have the "See map: Google maps" on my Location pages.
Any idea?
Best regards

Thanks Sean, you helped me alot.
I became Drupal addict partly because of your tutorials :) (almost 2years now)

Good stuff Sean but I want more, LOL I'm looking at functionality which would allow users to search for something specific in a way much like Google local and be able to add the marker based on the best item from their search. Very good, easy to follow, and audio is clear.

Joshua Needham
App Ventures, LLC

Thanks. That was great! Oddly I was mapping a private practice on Longwood Ave across from Boston's Children's Hospital.

Hi Sean,

Thanks, that was really helpfull. Great tutorial.


Thanks a lot for such a nice tutorial :)

Thanks Sean, very enjoyable and informative - got me up and running in no time.


thanks for your work, Sean! a lot of new useful stuff i opened for myself today ;) more about location, location, location!! :D

Very good, thanks a lot.
Just to the point, no talk around all possibilities.

Hi ! Thanks a lot for this nice tutorial !!!

Very good article !!! Thanks !!!! : )

This is an awesome tutorial! I followed it to the T (or so I thought) but for some reason my markers aren't showing up anywhere...and what's the point of a map with no markers?? Any ideas why?

Very good ideed. That's what I needed to get started. Thanks.


I can not find these modules to enable:

Thanks, simple and works.

Now it's my turn to make it works. Yours really motivate me. Thanks a lot.

Kojay - Indonesia


If I want to just show the map on a node page with one location and not have all markers appear, do you know an easy solution?



im looking for the same.

great tutorial thanks a lot.

I have another feature I am trying to create: I would like the map to show driving directions between the locations on the map. The nodes on the map will have a date associated to them (or any other type of order) and the map will display a driving route through the locations in order. I checked and driving directions are included in the google map API so it should be possible, right ?

Great! Nice tutorial.



Fantastic! Thanks!


thank you for your great tutorials. I've read posts all over to find info on calculating distance, but i'm getting more & more confused. What if you what to allow the user to find the distance between 2 hospitals? I'm guessing I would start with views, but not sure where to go from there. Can you offer any help on where to start if using your scenario?

thank you, C~

Thanks, this helped me figure out how to get started much quicker.

well explained, thanks!

What fields are required for GMAP or Location to auto-locate a point? I'm trying to allow users to enter City, State, Country and have the point auto-generated but this doesn't seem to be working. Is an address required in order for GMAP or Location to auto-locate?

Thanks , I will use this ! Maria

Sorry another question. can you (or anyone) tell me the difference of using the more uptodate 'NiceMap' module and are there any videos as good as Sean's on how to set it up? I think it involves using the web map service (wms) instead of google maps but not sure what that is and how to implement it ...
cheers again

Thanks Sean - really simple and effective. Do you (or does anyone) know how to implement a custom made marker such as for instance a church gif for churches etc?

Great screencast. Now I need to figure out how to work with locations in Views and CCK, and I'll be a gmap god!

hah i hate to break it you but, understanding views + cck with GMAP is like kindergarten stuff. you'd barely scratch the surface. but its ok, you got to build steps in order to climb them.

Thank you so much for this. I have now used 3 of your screen casts. Great stuff! You make me look good.

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