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Feed API + Emfield Screencast

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Here is a quick recipe that uses Drupal's Feed API, Feed Element Mapper, CCK and the Embedded Media Field to create independent embedded video nodes on your Drupal site by RSS. This is our first screencast and first contribution to the Drupal Dojo, hopefully you will find this interesting and try it out yourself. As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated.


Another great screencast! thanks Sean, I managed it to work in D6, just can't do it using youtube as source, is there something diferent with it?

Thanks again!

Great Video. I've been thinking about this concept for a while, but didn't realize that modules for it already exist. Now I'm going to go off an test it out a bit.

By the way, what video creation/capture software do you use?

I got the feedapi working, but the node created by feedapi not show up on my latest video block, which is created using Views for the same content type, but I manually create the nodes)? Is there anyway to do that?

Thank you for the great video. It is very easy to understand, and help me make my site.

Thanks a lot for the video. I had some problems getting FeedAPI to work. After watching the video everything was clear and I got things working in 15 minutes.


Using 6.x I was able to create a few nice feeds with embedded video. Thanks.

My shortcoming is displaying the content the way I would like. I'm giving it all a try but struggle finding the solution. Lacking a good understanding of CCK, URL aliases, taxonomy isn't helping. Then trying to get views to build a page from the messes I create is overwhelming. Can you answer me this. How do you create a new path? I want to use views to show all nodes in a path named /video. My attempts have failed using limited knowledge of the above. Frankly there lacks good instruction about using Drupal and what you have here is easily understood.



Hi Sean,

View Bonus pack is not available for Drupal 6.X. Would this be possible without that module?


I was using the Views Bonus Pack because I wanted to show a cool grid style display in Drupal 5. A grid style display is already built into Views for Drupal 6. Mind you, the configuration for this recipe in D6 will look quite a bit different even if the principles and approach are the same - Views for D6 was overhauled.

Can you check with and find out why this video in the series is only playing once. If play again, or just again, is selected the video never loads. Loading in different format does not help.


Thank you very much for this useful article and the comments. Great tutorial Sean. Introduced me to a couple modules to look chat into and you explained how they interact really well. Thanks!

Thank you for this tutorial. I want to create a node that has a video thumbnail and two links. One to my quicktime server and the other to my windows server. What's your advice?

Excuse my poor english and my ignorance.

Thank you, this tutorial was helpful and got right to the heart of the problem I was trying to solve.

Cool. Tried it and works great. Clear and accurate. Thanks!

thx man, nice screencast. It worked fine for me and i learned something.

Great tutorial Sean. Introduced me to a couple modules to look into and you explained how they interact really well. Thanks!

Nice one. Is there any way we can assign taxonomy terms to feed nodes imported automattically?

FeedAPI mapper itself allows assignment of taxonomy terms based on elements from the feed that you can map to a vocabulary as demonstrated in this screencast:

thanks for information...

I believe this is possible. There is a feed taxonomy module, and you would assign feed content types with taxonomy of your choice and then configure the resulting movie nodes to inherit the taxonomy on creation.

Thanks, Sean. I've just enjoyed your screencasts and they rock! Very straight to the point, for common tasks whose fulfillment isn't trivial. Very helpful!

Thank you very much Sean. It's really upto the point and very very helpful !

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