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Date + Calendar Screencast (Drupal 7)

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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You can add the ability to store and display date information in your Drupal 7 website with the use of the Date and Calendar modules, which in turn depend on the Views and CTools modules. Here is one quick demonstration of how you can enable and configure these modules in order to let your users post information that contains dates.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.


your videos and tutorials are so helpful!!! thanks so much for creating them!

your videos and tutorials are so helpful!!! thanks so much for creating them!

Dude, it's a work of art! Thanks for your help

Thanks this was super helpful and clear.

Man you rox !
This video is the most helpfull I've ever watched about drupal ! Thank you so much !

I want to great job with the tutorial. It's clear and easy to follow along with. At times it feels like its near impossible to learn drupal, so thank you.


One of the best done Drupal tutorial videos I've seen yet. Also, really glad you're using Drupal 7. I'm new to Drupal but been in the biz for nearly 3 decades. I don't read well but I can watch things and pick them up pretty quickly. This video caused me to bookmark your site. As Arnold would say, "I'll be back"

Thanx man. Nice work.


I'm new to Drupal. I downloaded the latest modules. During the vid, when I went to structure > views > and clicked on the calendar link, I got 20 - 30 strict warnings. Did anyone else get these and know why? I turned off errors and warnings and it works, but I'm worried about all those warnings.

Yes, I got the same thing, and like you, I'm new to Drupal. I've managed to get it down to just a few errors, but they're still there. Is this what you're getting?
"Undefined property: stdClass..."

Hello Sir

I saw your screencast. But, when I installed all those modules.

I created the new content type as well.

But, I cant find the CALENDAR VIEW! :(

Please help.

I am having this same problem. when I go to Structure > Views, there are no views listed

I'm following the new tutorial to use the date & calendar modules.
When I go to,
I get the following error displayed:

Notice: Undefined index: field_date in date_field_views_data_alter() (line 235 of /home2/woof/public_html/gan2/sites/default/modules/date/date_views/date_views.module).
Notice: Undefined index: field_date-revision_id in date_field_views_data_alter() (line 235 of /home2/woof/public_html/gan2/sites/default/modules/date/date_views/date_views.module).

Actually this is not limited to the /calendar page.

I think this problem is connected to another that turns up in the next section of the tutorial about customizing the calendar view.
When trying to correct the source of data from the default "Node: Updated date " to "Fields: file_date", that very option is missing.

How do I solve this?
I have had to stop at this point, until I get some assistance as the further steps, are not possible with this.


Fabulous tut.

I am new to drupal, (experienced in PHP), and this really helps.

Only issue I have found is that I set an event for Friday March 11, March 11 appears as a Saturday on the calendar

I noticed on Sean's screencast...
Tue. 2/22/2011 shows up under the Wed column


My date fields dont appear in the arguments UI. Anybody else have this same problem?

Yes I have the same problem, and I dont know how to fix it.


I encounter the same issue. Tested on my online site, same problem on my local installation (wamp).

Same issue here.

Same here :(

Awesome thanks!

Good screencast, very helpful.

Thanks for your videos, so far this is one of my favorite tutorial sites thus far.

I’m NEW to Drupal and all web design for that matter, still doing my research, was thinking joomla but I like the features of Drupal, in any case I digress. On the site I want to make I want to have a today in history kind of section and have these events display on the calendar. So what you showed us was very very helpful. I was wondering… your birthday is NOT 2011 :) neither are my events. Is there a way to make them yearless? Show the same event every year on the day and month in question. Creating a more timeless setup.

Again thanks for the tutorials keep them coming.

Dates without years are not dates - not from a programmatic perspective. Date fields store dates at absolute points in time. But you could get your result two different ways.

1. Maintain a calendar that tracks "anniversaries" of dates in history. That would be the easiest, but the most time consuming to constantly add data year after year. It is possible to create recurring dates to save some time.

2. Create your events with the original historical date, and find a way to "group" all your dates day and month only. This way you would get lists of dates that share, say, 2/22/xxxx regardless of the specific year it happened. This way you can see my birthday and George Washington's birthday in the results. Read up on the Views module and experiment with grouping fields, maybe you can make some progress there.

Good luck.


Many thanks for the screencast. Super helpful. Jeffrey

Hello, and thanks a lot for this very clear tutorial,
I tried 3 times for a drupal fresh default installation to make it work but i got every time the same error displaying calendar
Warning: array_push() [function.array-push]: First argument should be an array in date_formatter_format() (line 452 of /var/www/

And the calendard is empty of any event .

I reviewed the video and tried to reproduced exactly the actions described, but i every time got this error. Have you heard something about a such problem ??

Olivier FONTES from France

Grazie per i video tutorial.

// Italia

Amazing screencast! Thanks a million, you saved my day!

Very nice tutorial, but ...

Using exactly the same D7 module releases, and following the tutorial step-by-step, the D7 calendar works perfectly ... for the month of February. My birthday, however, is in April. When I attempt to display an event created in April, I can do so, but only if I scroll through a calendar week-by-week. For whatever reason, the calendar view will not display the information for the entire month of April, or for that matter, March. Instinct tells me that this may be related to the inability of the date module (bug reported) to create a date like "March 31." The only other possibility that comes to mind is that I'm still using PHP 5.2 to avoid the known problems that 5.3 has with certain modules in D6.

Same problem. Calendar will not display any days fo the month forward of current in "Month" format. Previous months work fine.
When browsing "Week" format, works perfectly.

Thanks and great tutorial. Even my mother could've added the calendar with this one.

Thanks for posting this. I am new to Drupal and will continue to watch whatever you post. Happy Birthday also.

Very Helpful - Thanks!!

Thanks for this Sean - I found your screen cast because my weekdays are wrong, as apparently are yours. Today is Feb 24 but Thursday, not Friday as our calendars show. Actually, the year view reveals that every month this year begins with the 1st on Wed and the 24th being a Friday. Something is wrong here.... Perhaps you know?


Ah yes, maybe not the greatest place... but I'm having the same problem. Gonna try to use the dev version. Happy to read I'm not alone.

Really useful screencast - clear - detailed - well paced - thank you!

I can't seem to get this to work if the date field in question is a datestamp type - am I missing something obvious?

Happy Birthday from San Jose CA!

Happy birthday! How coincidental that I found and watched this today!
Very much appreciate your screen casts... so thank you for your efforts.

Great work and a happy Birthday from Antwerp !

Happy Birthday! Thank you for the great Screencast!

Happy Birthday Sean !!!

Greetings from Spain

First of all: thanks Sean for the great screencast.
I just wanted to pinpoint the strange behaviour of calendar module in multi-language websites:
By default calendar view uses default language of the site to query database. however, since a date field has no language, the resulting list would be an empty one. So one could set field language as "no language" under "advanced settings" -> "query settings"

keep up the good work

Hmm... anyone else notice that about 17:45 in the video, the Calendar header starts with Monday and shows (Tue 02/22/2011) on a Wednesday?

Other than me being nit-picky, great video and a big help!

Thanks, Sean.

I'd like to know how to set up events that are visible according to the role of the user. So if a user has a role with greater permissions, that user could see all events, where a user with a role that has fewer permissions could see only those events that are configured to be visible to that role.

Thanks for the excellent video! This is very helpful.


Thanks for the video, Sean. I set up the date field like you described, except I made the To date optional and default value "Now" (site's timezone). I am using Date 7.x-1.0-alpha2. When I create an event and save it, the From date changes to A.M. after I save it, even if the "Now" default value is P.M. I can go back in and edit the event back to P.M., but when I save it, it reverts back to A.M. again. I am using the 12 hour input format like you used.

Any idea why this is happening?

Great video! Everything worked well for me but for some reason when I go to generate new content and choose my "event" content type that I created it does not display the options to enter the date. I checked all of my steps and even reinstalled the module and went through the steps again. No luck! Any ideas?


Wow. I would have to see it myself. First thing is to check that you have the right versions of the modules and Drupal. Next is to look at your event content type and make sure the new date field is still attached and configured correctly. If all those things check out then you would have to check your permissions to make sure the account you are using to add content has permission to create event nodes and use the date module. In fact, check all the permissions settings since this sounds like a likely culprit.

Very helpful and timely. Thank you!

Does the Upcoming block work with some versions of Date,Calndar in Drupal 7. I am not able to get it working. Filters on the date field in the views interface doesnt seem to work in th alpha or dev versions.

The "upcoming" display that is part of the default Calendar view will to work out of the box. There is no argument required, just a correct filter and correct sort. By default it filters by the Updated Date, which is incorrect. If you are using a similar setup as the above screencast, you will have to remove the filter for Updated Date and replace it with your field_date field. Further, you can then configure that filter to return results that are in the future with a "Greater Than 'Now'" logic. Last step is to sort it in the correct order by the same date field.

Could you show how to display repeating dates in drupal 7 calendar?

I've got it working now. I had to get the Feb. 13 -dev builds of Date, Calendar, and Views.

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