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Date + Calendar Screencast (Drupal 7)

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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You can add the ability to store and display date information in your Drupal 7 website with the use of the Date and Calendar modules, which in turn depend on the Views and CTools modules. Here is one quick demonstration of how you can enable and configure these modules in order to let your users post information that contains dates.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.


I get the following error when I click on the path for calendar in the view configuation

Fatal error: Call to a member function use_pager() on a non-object in /home/content/c/l/a/clarkegj/html/tribal/modules/views/includes/ on line 510

any clues. I've re-upload the calendar and the views modules.


for me it helped to udate the date module to 7.x-2.x-dev. after that run the update database script.

me too! Thank you.

AWESOME! Works for me! Thanks so much Sean!

Thanks Sean. Great screencast up to the point where I'm trying to edit the arguments to look at field_date. Since you know the Drupal world better than I, do you have a feel for how long it will take to reach that point? I'm really looking forward to being able to incorporate this feature into our site.

For everyone having issues with viewing their created "field date" you must update the ctools, views, date & calendar modules to the latest "dev" versions of each as instructed on the Date & Calendar modules pages.

Thanks for your response.

Hours to search the solution for only a bad version of modules.

Thank you very much !


Updating to DEV versions solves only node Date fields problem.
If I add Date field to user profile (admin/config/people/accounts/fields), it does not appears in "Contextual filters" configuraton dialog's checkmarks.

Trying to follow this on newer versions. The only options I have for Contextual Filters are:
Content: Date (field_date) - delta
Content: Date (field_date) - rrule
Content: Date (field_date) - value
Content: Date (field_date) - value2
Content: Date (field_event_date) - value
Content: Date (field_event_date) - value2


Also, I have two sets of calendar views. One populates /calendar page, and loads without errors, one populates view calendar-date and has sql errors. Which module loaded calendar-date views?

I compared the view with Debut Event's views and tried to emulate it with the filter:
Date: Date (node) (Content: Date (field_date) - value)

(x) SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AS field_data_field_date_, 'node' AS field_data_field_date_node_entity_type FROM' at line 1

Very Great Screen Cast.
Thank you, you've opened my eyes to new things and are a great instructor.
Thank you again.

I've a problem with Calendar.

In Calendar View, the "field_date" created don't appear automatically in contextual filters.

Could you help me, please ?

Hi, I have a similar problem when I try to set contextual filters, I can't access fields date that I creates for my event content type ;
I 'm using Drupal 7.2 with the latest versions of ctools(7.x-1.0-beta1), views(7.x-3.0-beta3), calendar and date(7.x-2.0-alpha1).
may be, there are other configurations..
It will be very helpful if somebody can help

Wonderful tutorial. You did a great job at making the entire effort from installing/activating the modules, to creating the content type and the field(s), to updating the Calendar View very understandable.

I did experience some of the issues stated in the comments, but that has to do with the newness of D7 and the modules for it.

I look forward to seeing more Screencasts from you!

Again thanks,


Strict warning: Creating default object from empty value in date_views_filter_handler->init() (line 34 of /opt/lampp/htdocs/drupal_dp/modules/date/date_views/includes/

Used the same version used in the screencast...

But no idea .. Is it the problem with PHP version .. I am using lampp 1.7.4...

Is this ok ??

Brilliant tutorial! :-D

Nice job, waiting for more

For those who even with current dev modules still have issues (custom date fields are not appearing in the contextual filter 'Date (node)', going to Views > Settings > Advanced > clear views cache helped for me on


Thanks. It was so useful, that I will keep coming for more.

is there a way to show the remaining days unitl event start?
Fingers crossed.

Have a nice day :)

only with the actual dev-modules the Calendar is ok:

calendar 7.x-2.x-dev (2011-Apr-26)
ctools 7.x-1.x-dev (2011-Mai-17)
Date 7.x-2.x-dev (2011-Mai-01)
views 7.x-3.x-dev (2011-Mai-22)

my system:
Drupal core 7.0 in German

Thanks for your very helpful screencast.


After updating to the .dev modules, I have received a number of fatal errors with the views module. The most recent (from the views 7.x - 3.x - dev) gives me this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare views_views_plugins()

Not sure where to go with it!

After updating to the .dev modules, I have received a number of fatal errors with the views module. The most recent (from the views 7.x - 3.x - dev) gives me this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare views_views_plugins()

Not sure where to go with it!

Very good presentation. I'd pay to watch you teach me about Drupal.

Superb presentation, and the tutorial was excellent right up to the point where there must have been a version change. I couldn't find the new functionality for "arguments," and after trying several fixes listed in these comments, I still couldn't make it work correctly. The calendar will display, and work properly, but new "events" don't show up at all. I'll keep posted for fixes 'cause I'd really like to use this solution. Thanks for making the video! ftc

Awesome. I love that with Drupal, I can learn and build at the same time with the help from the drupal community. You are a very good presenter of the information. Rock on.

Hi i have the same problem, it was working before but now that i updated the views, calendar and ctools, is not working the tecnic from the video,
i tried to get back to the previous version but it did not work,
some one can help?.

First of all great work these screen casts, they are very helpful!

However I am having the problem, that my views/calender manipulation page looks different (I assume due to a newer version of the modules).

Anyhow I suspect that what the Screencasts shows under "Arguments" is now named "Contextual Filters". However in those settings I have no option to replace the Date(node) date against the Content(field_date) date, as it is not in the list as shown in the screen cast.

Has anybody an Idea about this problem??


I'm having the same problem on two different sites I was trying to install this on. I see the issue in the issue cue but it doesn't seem like there was a real resolution. Apparently some contributed module is affecting views and they left it at that.

Hi i have the same problem, it was working before but now that i updated the views, calendar and ctools, is not working the tecnic from the video,
i tried to get back to the previous version but it did not work,
some one can help?.

I noticed no one is responding to this? Has anyone figured this out?

Nice to see that the author is checking up on his post...

So so helpful. Thank you so very much :)

Most informative! Thnx

Thanks for the video. It was helpful while frustrating because the Views settings page has changed so much. I finally got through the Views configuration without error messages and got the Calendar to display the correct date. As suggested, I replaced the downloaded Views, Calendar, and Date with the most recent Dev versions.

In the Administration->Structure->Views page for Calendar (Content) the page layout has changed substantially from the Feb 11, 2011 date this video was produced (not too surprising). There is not a Defaults selection or Arguments selection anymore.

I ended up making three changes:
- Replaced the values in CONTEXTUAL FILTERS with - “Date: Date (node) (Content: Date (field_date))
- Under FIELDS set values to - “Content: Date (Date)”
- Under FILTER CRITERIA set values to - “Content: Published (Yes)” and “Content: Type (= Event)”

My problem now is after the Event is published the Date and Body only show up when I select the web site's home page. If I click on the Event article to view or edit, the published Date and Body disappear. Is anyone else having that trouble or know of a solution?

(I do have Organic Groups installed in my site too if that matters).

i have same problem with current version of views and calendar. It is good you posted this correction. It looks that the section Arguments was moved to the contextual filters in some way.
But if this looks as solution, it is not for me. I do not have in Date: Date (node) the date field (in Date field(s) section) i have created in my new content type with module Date. There is not any date field i created. Only default times are there without new fields. Do you have idea, why my new date field do not appear here?
I heard anything about CCK fields but i think that in version D7 it is not current.
If i am searching through the rest of contextual filters, there are few items of date fields i have created. So it is in my system, but only here in Date field(s) section it is not.
I still do not know how create form my Calendar the Event Calendar for i need it.
Thank you J.R.

Wonderful tutorial, thank you.

It seems recently people have been having difficulties when it comes to getting the calendar to display an event listed by its date rather than the updated date. Add me to the "me too" list.

The module seems to be choking on the fact that my "Fields: field_date" is not a "date." The warning that pops up at the bottom of the screen before I hit save says: "The calendar_nav style requires a Date argument."

Once I hit save, the entire page chokes up with:
Fatal error: __clone method called on non-object in /usr/www/users/mysite/sites/all/modules/date/date_views/theme/ on line 21

Has anyone gotten beyond this problem, yet? I imagine its a recent thing especially since the version used in the video is a different one that what I installed yesterday, and this tutorial is very recent.

It's quite maddening.

I get the same error ..have you found a solution yet??


Please if someone finds the solution, just tell everyone !

And about downgrading - how do you do that ? Where do you download elder module of views ?

Yep, I had a similar problem...

Here's the solution I came up with (please bear in mind I'm a drupal newbie, and there are new errors, which I will go into below).

My username is NotNotCow, and as you will see I came relatively late to this party...

To get the Calendar and date functions to work (following this excellent tutorial) I had to use earlier versions of the modules I had installed, so the versions that worked for me are:

As, before, I was not getting the ability to add the contextual filter (it simply wasn't showing as an option) to the calendar view:
Date (node) (Content: Event dates (field_date03)
OR Content: Event dates (field_date03:value2)

Which meant that the date fields were not showing in my Calendar. So, after reading the thread above, I 'down-graded' my versions of the mods (manually) and now all works as it should.

The new problem I have is that now ctools is complaining with this message everytime I try to create a new View:

Notice: Undefined index: page callback in page_manager_search_menu_alter() (line 73 of /home/nonode/public_html/zion/zion_site/sites/all/modules/ctools/page_manager/plugins/tasks/

Although not a fatal error, it does mean that adding new Views sometimes simply doesn't work as it should. Bad ju ju. I also suspect that it will cause fatal errors, when I inevitably update ctools, in a newbie bid to solve this problem. I will update my progress here, if anyone finds it useful.


Hi Sean,
thanks for this great tutorial. I used it once on d6 and I'm glad you updated it to d7.
I have some issues with the second part of this tutorial where you show how to get the new date field right in the calendar view. It seems that there are some changes in newest version of the views module. (7.x-3.x-dev) In the views UI there is no more "arguments" but a contextual filter instead.
When I use this with the date field instead of the updated day I always get a syntax error access violation. I use the newest calendar and date module (7.x.2.x-dev).

Do you know a solution?

Regards, Axel

I"m getting this as well. As soon as you change the contextual date from the "updated date" to a date field from the content type (i.e. Event or something like that), there are errors displayed all over the page. This is with the latest module version.

Any ideas?


Hey Sean,

Thanks for the help!!!


Nice work! Thank you.


It is very good but :

Strict warning : Creating default object from empty value dans date_views_filter_handler->init() (ligne 34 dans C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal\sites\all\modules\date\date_views\includes\ ? Why ?


Thanks for the video. I have a problem. I don't have defaults tab, when I edit the calendar view.

hi sean,

you are doing your screencast in an awesome way ...
good therapy ; )

Great job Sean, thank you for sharing.

Great video! I'd like to see a video series about Views 3 (with Contextual Filter on mind).
Keep it going!

once the video is started, it can't be paused or skipped forward / back.

It makes it very hard to work along with. Problem occurs on Chrome / Firefox / Safari.

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