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Date + Calendar Screencast (Drupal 7)

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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You can add the ability to store and display date information in your Drupal 7 website with the use of the Date and Calendar modules, which in turn depend on the Views and CTools modules. Here is one quick demonstration of how you can enable and configure these modules in order to let your users post information that contains dates.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.


Hello. And Bye.

When I click on the video, I see a message saying that Blip has removed it. Is it available anywhere else? Or do you have a text-based version of the instructions?

Thank you!!

By the way, for me don't apperar the view calendar in my views.
Please, Some trick for that?
Thank you!

Thank you very much for your help, i am new to Drupal, it was realy a great help thank once again

Thanks Sean,
You did a great job of skating over the details of Views and other multi-option elements. Otherwise this would have been a multi-hour video.

thank you very much

Awesome video. Much appreciated Sean.

Thanks, that is really helfull in the learning of those two mdules! :)

Thank u so much Sean, great great help!!

Thanks, Sean. Very clear. One question: you were very specific to enable the modules in a particular order. Chaos Tools > Views > View UI, etc. Is there a reason for that? You Saved them all together. Maybe a dumb question but I've learned that with Drupal you should never assume anything!

in drupal how to add calender plug in.

please help me i want to show this calender on front end with in pop-up when on clicking input field

can any body tell me that how can we use this date calender in pop when we click on input field on front end
plz help me ..

its funny, i thought i would take a quick look at this tutorial thinking it was something very simple i already knew. the the last half of the tutorial showed me i dont know jack! lol! thanks for the tut.

Can I create calendar for a travel website ? you can show me a sample thanks !

:) THANKS, great help.

Now i'm strugling to construct a per user calendar, something like an agenda. If someone knows a tutorial that explains this, please comment.

Thanks Sean, great job.


i have the same problem

Terrific and very well done tutorial. Thank you.

Very clear, thanks for this tutorial

I saw this webcast. Helps a lot. Thanks, sir.

thanks Sean, your video helps me a lot

I don't find calendar node in name view list! ....? someone can help me please!

Has anyone found the solution to this all-to0-very common problem?


'calendar_plugin_style: The calendar row plugin is required when using the calendar style, but it is missing.'

in calendar_plugin_style->render() (line 228 of /home/lambton/public_html/sites/all/modules/calendar/includes/

If so, please email me: gregwest at

thanks...Where is the guy who did this video for Drupaltherapy? He may know that his calendar does not work...WOW

I have to tell you that I am not a drupal expert and I have spent months trying to get online help to install the calendar and this is the best I have come across. Thank you for your effort....I tell you...other developers should take lessons from you regarding how to provide instructions....Do you have any instruction for installing ddblock?

i m facing this problm now..

'calendar_plugin_style: Missing calendar row plugin'

in calendar_plugin_style->render() (line 205 of D:\wamp\www\drupal-7\sites\all\modules\calendar\includes\

Thanks, good tutorial!

Just a question:
At the Event Content type page, once the content is created, I see a link to the year calendar view, I can not find where to override it, I would need it linking to somewhere else or delete it.

Yet another question:
Similar to previous one. How can I change the default link to the day view at the block or year view, linking it instead to a panel?

I hope to be expressing myself!

Thanks for the tuto.

You totally Rock Dude!!!!!

This tutorial is awesome. It's what I am looking for!!

Many thx!!


So frustrated. I changed the contextual filter (which I guess is the argument) and now it's totally broken. A page worth of errors.

Whats with changing everything so dang much. I'm new to Drupal and am learning to utterly hate it. No experience on 6, only on 7 but 90% information isn't current (or it's assumed you'll understand the changes) it's for 6. So I'm stumbling every single step.

Fantastic tutorial. Many thanks!!!

no working video ?

I'm building a website for a company that actually thinks I know how to do all of this.
Thank you so much! Very clear and concise.

How do I get the calendar to start on Sunday instead of Monday? I see that this is happening in your screencast example, and it's happening to me too when I try it.

How do I get the calendar to start on Sunday instead of Monday? I see that this is happening in your screencast example, and it's happening to me too when I try it.

Hi Sean, I used your method and the latest modules as of this moment (adapting your method to the altered interface in views) - and it worked flawlessly. A perfect calendar resulted. Many thanks!
Ron House

Great tutorial. Many Thanks!

I m a beginner in Drupal and something took me time to understand. For european like me, if you need to choose the format of date, for exemple DD/MM/YYYY, you have to go in the Configuration of your Drupal 7 and then in Date and hours, set up your date format (long, short...).

Thanks - it was a very helpful video. I just installed drupal a couple hours ago - and I've only worked with DNN before (only a month or two at that) so it's sufficient to say that when it comes to web dev or CMS I am a complete newbie. I was able to install all modules (with help from google) and run them just as you explained with some minor brainwork due to updates. I appreciate you taking your time to do a great service like this.

If I post an event with a start date and an end date will it show up on the calendar on each of the days between start and end? Like if it starts Friday and ends Sunday, will the calendar show it on Fri, Sat, and Sun? That's what I want it to do and I'm not getting that in my Drupal 6 site. Now I'm working on installing all this stuff, using your great tutorial as a guide.

Great Video !!!

HI thanks so you much. But It always warning like this : Strict warning: Creating default object from empty value in template_preprocess_calendar() (line 106 of C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal-7.2\sites\all\modules\calendar\theme\

The month that have event always warning.

i don't know what am i missing?

Really great. Thank you so much.


Thanks for the clear explanation, i did everything you said but I do not seem to be able to get a calender displayed on a seperate page with it's own menu, I tried to create a content node and refer to the URL 'calender' but does not do the trick, You make it seem look easy, but how do I get the calender displayed?


Micha Fuks

Is a demo for FullCalendar Drupal 7 possible soon? I tried to use FullCalendar and found that the depencies descrition is confusing.

Thanks so much!

I found the solution,

Thanks! I learn a lot from your videos!

Thanks! Just made the jump to 7 and this was exactly what I needed for a site -- got me up and running! Many, many thanks.

Dear viewers,

This is Sean, I made this screencast. This screencast has been super helpful to some individuals, but frustrating for others since the Views and Calendar modules have been updated so heavily. The Views module in the current state of release is not stable enough to support the Calendar/Date modules (as described on the project pages of the Calendar module recently) and therefor throws some of this approach out the window. When those modules reach an equilibrium, I will produce a new screencast that is up to date for a time.

The video is still solid and the method doesn't change much, apart from the names of fields and arguments. There is still a lot you can learn here.


Hi Sean,
Do you have a feel for how stable the calendar module is yet. I am considering drupal 7, but need a stable calandar and date module.


'calendar_plugin_style: Missing calendar row plugin'

in calendar_plugin_style->render() (line 205 of D:\wamp\www\drupal-7\sites\all\modules\calendar\includes\

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