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Date + Calendar Screencast (Drupal 6)

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

(If you are looking for Date + Calendar instructions for Drupal 7, look here.)

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Here is a fast screencast covering the Date and Calendar modules for Drupal 6. This recipe illustrates one way to let your users post their own events (like parties, appointments, meetups, etc) that include date information stored in a field. Then you can see how to display these dates on a traditional calendar layout with all the events sorted into the correct days.

The modules doing the heavy work are the Date module (for use with CCK) and Calendar module (for use with Views). Something to note is that the Calendar module provides a number of default views that display a calendar-style layout. While you can simply enable the view called "Calendar" and call it done, this screencast instead demonstrates the two to three different steps one would take to build a calendar-style view from scratch. I chose to do it this way to help you better understand how the all the date and calendar parts fit together.

There is an entirely different approach to making dated nodes, which uses the Event module, but that is not covered in this screencast.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views and CCK modules for Drupal 6. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.

If you find this helpful, drop me a note. Also, if you find anything incorrect that I may have overlooked the please let me know so I can correct it.


It seems I am saving your computer, at least. Good luck.

Thanks Sean,
brilliant, very useful. I will continue to follow your work

Great video, Sean!

I learned a lot.
Just one thing: How can you modify
how the date field looks in the calendar?
I would like to omit the date part and only
show the time part as you suggested you could do.

Thanks, Erik

I am relatively new to Drupal, but I figured this out (as of now I've moved on to other calendar problems). Here's how I did it:

When following this tutorial, you edited the "date_browser" view. You added "Node:Title" and "Content:Date" to the Fields section of your view. If you click into "Content:Date" and thereby modify it's settings you will see an option that says "Format". This has five formats to choose from. You can select a different date format, but if you are working with a default Drupal install, none of those choices will help you...but there is a way to edit those default formats.

Follow me here: Administer --> Site Configuration --> Date and Time. When changing the options for your sites Date and Time you can also change the default formats. You can change how "Long", "Medium", and "Short" look there. Then select the proper one within your Views edit. If you need more information on further date customization go to , there you can find out the proper grammar to make your date appear right.

Hey...nobody said customization would be easy :-)

Thanks for your help!

I figured out that you can actually *add* a date/time display format via Administer --> Site Configuration --> Date and Time --> Add Format.

It works too!


Great tutorial. You made working with these modules feel very comfortable.

Thanks for sharing!

really wonderful tutorial for the calender with the nodes.
victor bhai


Great tutorial

I did everything in the tutorial and it displayed everything like in the tutorial but after everything...
how can I sow the calendar in a block at the right side of my page so my visiters can see it also?


Thanks again for the great tutorial!

I started following your instructions, but ran into a problem: when I try to use "From date" as argument to the view, all my events disappear!

Any ideas?


Why does this not work any more after updating to latest versions?

Gotta say this did help.


it's a great tutorial and it helps very well but... how can I show the calendar in the right block because I don't see it in the blocks configuration.


This was incredibly helpful. Thanks.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Sean,

Great podcast! This is exactly what I was looking to do on our new Drupal site. Thank you!!

I would love if you now did a podcast on the things you mentioned at the end, how to theme the content to make it pretty, how to do a mini-calendar, etc. I want to do all those.

Daryl Kulak

Fantastic. what can I say? I owe you a beer.

Thanks, Sean! Very useful and clear explanation.


Thanx A lot, It was very helpful for me!

Very useful and informative!!
Good blog too!


Thank you - VERY MUCH - man.

I was in trouble trying to make a view to show a list of events.

And you just saved me :)

You're great doing this job! Thank you!

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Nice to have a visual tutorial for a change. thanks for the info.

Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

Sean, Great stuff. I'm often frustrated with the lack of drupal module examples and documentation. Your screencasts hit the right amount of info that's not over my skill level but not tedious either. Wanted to let you know I appreciated your efforts. Your site and CSS-Tricks are putting out some excellent info. Thanks. Might try to make a Drupal Therapy training sometime. I'm in Maine, not far at all. JB

Wow! I think you just saved me from a ton of angst. I'd have never figured out the arguments part! (I'm a newbie). Thank you!

Also, thank you for such a well done tutorial. It's well thought out, well organized, well produced, the audio is great, the frame rate is great, exposure is on, etc. I know it takes time to get everything right. I appreciate that too.


P.S. Spring is here and so is Bar Camp Boston '09! Party on.

Fantastic as always Sean.

Hi Sean,
great tutorial. But i have a little problem. I only see
the content of calendar if i'm register user, so the regular user who is not logged gets a empty calendar without nodes. Sorry for bad english:))

Hey Anonymous,

I have the exact same problem. Sean the tutorial is great but ...registered users don't see the content in the calendar I created and further to this when a registered user tries to create an Event there is NO date field to post dates from or to. This is not the case when I log in as an administrator. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


Figured it out...

In user permissions > content_permissions module click edit field_date and view field_date.

Thats it!

This fix doesn't work for me. Field_date is not an option in my content_permissions - but the calendar works Great if and only if I'm logged in as admin . It doesn't even work for other admins - just me.

Meanwhile, Sean! Thank you for a clear step-by-step tutorial. I watched each step, paused the video, did the step in my site, and continued. Except for the little problem, above, when the video was over I had a running calendar/event system.

Thank You!

Hi Sean!

This mod is really good and your demonstration wonderfull!



thanx, thanx, thanx!!!

and sorry, my english is too bad to write some more.

Your Screencast was a very big help for me.

Axel (no drupal)
working on (yes, typical drupal ;-))
(all in german)

Brand new to Drupal, and so am very thrilled to have found you. Thanks for your help!


Very nice, Thank You So Much...

1 problem, the title keeps coming up twice in my calendar? I followed you step by step idk wat i did wrong?

Do you have one of these video things on how to make an upcoming calendar block?


Same. I've tried all the combinations I could think of to make it disappear. It will either appear twice, or not at all. Those are the only outcomes I can get.

Anyone find a solution to this issue. I'm having the same thing. I've set it up before and it displayed properly, but now the title appears twice and I can't seem to resolve this with any settings I try.

what program do you use for screen and cam record?

Really Good Sean!!!!
Just one question, I want to do some video lesson for the users of my web page. Could you please tell me wich screen video capture are you using?
Thanks a lot for your work, it helps a lot!!

I'm using Snapz Pro for the Mac, from Ambrosia Software.

Fantastic screencast. Great walk-through and sensible examples, no fluff. Top marks!

Sean is awesome! Woot!

Thanks for the very clear explanation. Keep making these tutorials! :-)

Thanks man, great tut.

Great tutorial.

How do I get the Upcoming events to stop displaying past articles or events?

I liked a lot your video, thanx for sharing your knowledge with us.

SPAIN (Islas Canarias)

Thanks so much! awesome tutorial - I was feeling really lost
regarding drupal in general and calendar in particular. Now I have a really great place to start! In the coming months, I have at least 3 sites I need to publish using drupal!

Very nice tutorial. All the needed information and nothing superfluous. Thanks, Sean!

Hi Great Tutorial...

I am curious to know, is it possible to display items in list or as google calendar call's it, "Agenda" view?
I am anticipating more than a few events on a single day and I believe that this view would provide the user a much cleaner layout and experience.

thanks for your time in advance and again thanks for the screen cast

Kindest regards


This is really a very good tutorial something I am looking for. As I also need some similar kind of functionality in my current project. Previously I am thinking to write my custom module. But after watching this screen cast I dropped my plan and will do it using date and calender module.

Thanks Sean for this great Screen cast.

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