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Date + Calendar Screencast (Drupal 6)

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

(If you are looking for Date + Calendar instructions for Drupal 7, look here.)

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Here is a fast screencast covering the Date and Calendar modules for Drupal 6. This recipe illustrates one way to let your users post their own events (like parties, appointments, meetups, etc) that include date information stored in a field. Then you can see how to display these dates on a traditional calendar layout with all the events sorted into the correct days.

The modules doing the heavy work are the Date module (for use with CCK) and Calendar module (for use with Views). Something to note is that the Calendar module provides a number of default views that display a calendar-style layout. While you can simply enable the view called "Calendar" and call it done, this screencast instead demonstrates the two to three different steps one would take to build a calendar-style view from scratch. I chose to do it this way to help you better understand how the all the date and calendar parts fit together.

There is an entirely different approach to making dated nodes, which uses the Event module, but that is not covered in this screencast.

To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views and CCK modules for Drupal 6. You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules.

If you find this helpful, drop me a note. Also, if you find anything incorrect that I may have overlooked the please let me know so I can correct it.


Thanks Sean, I absolutely love your webcasts! Keep them coming, please!

Thanks for the tutorial! really helped in a crunch!

hi thx but i was wondering where the 'event' content type came from? did u make it from views , was it from the event module? sry but new with this..

Very well done! Congrats!!!


THX! i search for it over some hours, now it works fine!!!

Awesome Sean! I will definately be back to check out all your training on this site. I am a Drupal newbie and need to absorb all I can.

Thanks a lot,Sean. Great work as usual.

Great, followed along in realtime and set up lovely!

Cheers from Scotland!

Hi Sean.

Just some great screencasts. Came to see this, but have watched all now. Nice way to explain and show. 10 out of 10 from me... AND a big thanks.


very enjoyable and useful tutorial.....I, however, am determined to be a nuisance...

Anyone know if this can be combined with signup.module so that anonymous guest can signup with an email address and be sent an email reminder for an event?

Thanks for the tutorial and please keep up the good work.

thank you for that good tutorial

Thnaks, Great way to explain it! I'm gone repeate that what I just saw you doing!

regards, aleksej

Just watched this for the first time. I liked the tutorial. I got my own site to show a calendar by following the instructions. This was well worth watching and I'm sure I'll refer back to this tutorial!
(I'm a beginner with Views and CCK - only used for a few things so far-- I'm very comfortable installing new modules and setting up Drupal multisite)

Just the tutorial i was looking for. Thanks for contributing this, you saved me alot of time. Thanks again.

Good work man. Thank you!!
(How) is it possible to ADD a new EVENT by clicking on a specific DATE directly WITHIN the Calendar? Let's say I navigate to February 2010, click on the "10" and can add an event right away on that day. Is tha possible somehow?

Thanks again

Great tutorial, Sean!
Thank you so much!

Very Good tutorial, straightforward, but what you said at the end i didn't understand it "Don't be a ..." ? Thanks anyway i enjoyed it

He said "don't be a menace."
I think he means try to find the answers to your Drupal questions by searching issues and forums and reading documentation and don't try to get other people to solve all of your specific coding issues.
Also help out by answering questions when you learn more.
I am just guessing, but it's a community of helpful supportive volunteers that make Drupal work.

very good tutorial.

why not I could watching it? btw I use firefox 3.X.
somebody could you tell me what happens, thx in advance .

yours silas

Taxonomy integration? Great screen cast! I would like to extend using taxonomy. I would like to color code different dates on the calendar page view based on taxonomy. How would I go about this, any hints? Thanks!

Many thanks. Drupal just _works_. Excellent job.

That's really fantastic!
Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

This was a fantastic screencast! It was a great starting point to get our calendar module up and running, keep up the good work!

Hi Sean, this was really helpful. However, I would like to know if it can display only the terms (of the events) in the date box. That is, for example, if there are two parties in the same day, it will show "Party (2)" in the date box, if there are three music events, then it shows "Music (3)". Any idea how to do that? I've been searching for it for a long time but still couldn't find any solution.

Hi, I am trying to create a soccer prediction site with drupal. This demo give me a way to define match node type. Thanks.

Sari / Krefeld.

thanks for vedio , can you tell me ,

Classic or modern type date pciker there in druapl,

When user hit date then that date pogram need to display in another block,


Thanks so much for the calendar lesson. It was extremely helpful. Always great that people are willing to share.

Any ideas, pointers on how to limit the entries in the calendar month view and show a "more" link to the date of the events? Example, show only 5 events.
If i have 20 events on a specific date, it would look ugly in the date box, while in the monthly view.

My other solution would be use taxonomy and show only the terms in the date box, this would be a last resort.

Thank you.

Just wonderfull for a Padawan like me!!!
Thank you so much

Great lesson, Sean. Thanks.

Thank you very much Sean
You made Drupal easier for another french, Very Very good work !

Very helpful ... many thanks!

Lest anyone mistakenly accept an event occurring on January 31st :)

Many thanks, I found it _very_ useful.

Thanks Sean, really appreciate the screencast, you managed to save a bunch of time.

I'd wasted over an hour getting frustrated with the date documentation and wondering what I was doing wrong and a 10 minute screencast would have helped a lot back then.

As a quick question for you - I'm pretty new to Drupal (i've used many CMSs over the years though) and I'm constantly amazed that CCK hasn't been built into the core, i'm even more amazed that image and date fields are considered extra to the CCK too. Surely if you're using a CMS to define real content (that you can wrap up in views and so reskin the cat as required) being able to properly define each content type is really important?

Anyway, appreciate the help!


iCal feed does not work when I "add url" into google calendar.

Have tried

-changing feed address to end with .ical
-creating an alias with .ical ending
-commenting out the rrule field

Each I have heard work, and I have not got this to work.

Anyone help please!?

thanks mate ... a very well explained tutorial ... i'm definitely gonna look up some more vids and also am typing in lower case because i have a coffee in the other hand!

Great job. Great video. Thank you!

Excellent!! Thank you.

excellent..!!!...thanks for this... just one question: why i can't see the navigation bar in my calendar??

Thanks! Just what I needed!

coool, thanks mate

Hey Sean,

Top stuff! Thanks for the breakdown on how to create events.

I am fairly new to Drupal, so the implementation of this was very simple and without issue.

You hint that the events could be added to blocks on the site, but how is this achieved?


How do I get my Calendar to show up on my page. I can see the live preview. I guess I have to create a Path.

Great tutorial--bob

Great tutorial! I appreciate all the help that the Drupal community offers.

This was incredibly helpful. Thanks.

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