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Contributed Modules

Contributed modules extend the functionality of Drupal and our Contributed Modules components will teach you how to use the most versatile and flexible tools offered on top of Drupal.

This component begins with a discussion on identifying, researching and selecting contributed modules for use on your Drupal sites. We quickly move forward to demonstrate and discuss some of the most frequently implemented contributed modules in the pool including, but not limited to, these examples:

Content Construction Kit (CCK)
CCK creates types of content, like dated nodes and events, image and media nodes, user forms and more. CCK meets the needs of developers building specialized sites in which the standard story, blog, page and forum topic will not suffice. CCK can be extended with any of the 100+ sub modules built for CCK, some of which are also covered.

As the module description says, Views is "a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists of content are presented." Views presents an articulate method for filtering, sorting and displaying content based on content type, tag, date, etc. This module presents a very wide range of solutions for special site design needs and many of the later modules discussed will hook into Views as well.

Your Special Module Here
In many cases we can cover specific modules that you or your company select in advance. If your trainees need to learn something specific then we can put together a training element to meet those needs.

Understanding how these few contributed modules extend Drupal's potential is invaluable.

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